Tute 4 education!

Our Goal:

We are creating a universal tutoring app that will help students pair up with tutors in order to offer or receive help in specific subjects.

The Main Problem:

Students grades are impacted because they are too shy or embarrassed to ask for help in person.

Current Solutions:

Most students turn to the internet and ask questions on websites such as Ask.com. The problem with this solution is that those type of websites (Ask.com) are unreliable. Another solution many students come up with is asking for help from their peers. In some situations, this is a good solution. However,there are times where the students peer does not understand the subject as well, hence making this solution inefficient.

Target Audience:

The app is targeting High School and College students because based on time and different experiences, these are the most difficult school years.

Special Features:

  1. Students are allowed to be tutors if they meet requirements and get a email verification.
  2. As students improve, they will recieve credits in which they can exchange for rewards.


The cost of the app will be a one time payment of $1.99 because we want to accessible to anyone.

Social Media:

It is up to the user to share their improvements within Social Media sites or to keep it private.